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Election of the Executive Committee Members on a geographical basis

The Codex Alimentarius Commission provisions for the elections of the Vice-Chairpersons shall apply mutatis mutandis to the election of the Members of the Executive Committee. 

    See Rule V of the Rules of Procedure of the Codex Alimentarius Commission in particular V.2 and V.3

    V.2: The Executive Committee shall, between sessions of the Commission, act on behalf of the Commission as its executive organ. In particular, the Executive Committee may make proposals to the Commission regarding general orientation, strategic planning, and programming of the work of the Commission, study special problems and shall assist in the management of the Commission’s programme of standards development, namely by conducting a critical review of proposals to undertake work and monitoring the progress of standards development.

    V.3: The Executive Committee shall consider specific matters referred to it by the Directors-General of FAO and WHO as well as the estimate of expenditure for the Commission’s proposed programme of work as described in Rule XIII.1.

In addition Rule V.1 of the Rules of Procedure gives the relevant period that members can hold office as follows:

    Members elected on a geographic basis shall hold office from the end of the session of the Commission at which they were elected until the end of the second succeeding regular session and shall be eligible for re-election if they have not served for more than two years in their current term, but after having served two consecutive terms shall be ineligible to hold such office for the next succeeding term. Members elected on a geographic basis are expected to act within the Executive Committee in the interest of the Commission as a whole. “

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